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The KW Collards Mild version had become just as popular as our Original spicier version.  And when the pandemic struck making 32oz and 16oz jars in short supply across the nation, customers who love our Mild version began to scream as loudly as customers of our spicier version: "Where can we get our beloved KW Collards Mild?!"  Once we discovered the 25oz sized jars, how could we deny them?  Now all taste palettes can choose from any of our available sizes:  KW Collards 16oz, 25oz, or 32oz!   (All Natural Ingredients: Collards, Tomatoes, Peppers, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Onions, Spices, Vinegar, Citric Acid) Vegan, Gluten-Free, Plant-Based

25oz MILD - 25oz - KW Collards Mild

SKU: 25-mild
  • Superb flavor!  Rich, robust collard greens in a hearty broth that satisfies and fulfills. The Original No Meat, Full Flavor Collard Greens - vegetarian, vegan, all natural food containing collards, peppers, onions, tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, vinegar, spices and citric acid.  Heat to simmer on stovetop, or until hot in microwave.  In the rare event that there are some left over, refrigerate unused portion for up to 7 days or freeze in a separate container up to 8 months. 

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